Craft to Empower

We go out of the way to assist our network to develop workshop infrastructure, upgrade design and technical skills and ensure a guaranteed flow of work. In addition, our members have access to services such as health camps, child-care facilities, life skills programmes and leadership trainings.

Fair Trade & Sustainable

We at Selyn think outside the box and have established many workshops in handloom villages in the rural outskirts of the Northwestern, Eastern and Southern provinces of Sri Lanka to move away from a centralized working space to one which our artisans can reach within the comfort of their own homes. In this way we hope not only to empower them financially but also create a way of life within which they are comfortable.

Our community

Ethical & Handmade

The tradition of the loom takes its roots at the very inception of Sri Lankan history. Today the industry faces decline due to various reasons ranging from the lack of skilled experience, uncompetitive market prices, outdated designs and lack of infrastructure and technology.

How it's made

The Story About Selyn Exporters

Selyn Home Catalogues

Our world is at one of the most crucial junctures in time, battling climate change to preserve the
only place we call our home. At Selyn, we strive to be a part of the solution, helping you in your journey towards sustainable living and eliminating one-time-use plastic.

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Selyn Play Catalogues

Our wide range of play sets, playbooks, finger puppets and roller pouches are designed to encourage play and exploration for kids while improving their motor skills and cognitive development.

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  • WFTO and PeTA Certified

  • 37 Excellent Reviews

    'A lovely fair trade shop on temple street. An easy to miss doorway opposite the temple, this shop has an upstairs filled with some really great souvenirs, clothing and homeware. We loved it so much we went twice!' Link

  • REACH Certified

    All chemicals used in our manufacturing process are a 100% safe and non-toxic.

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