Welcome to the Fair Trade Experience at Selyn

Selyn, Sri Lanka's only Fair Trade handicrafts company,
invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through fair trade.

Immerse yourself in the art of traditional handloom weaving and crafts, and discover the inner workings of a fair trade supply chain during your day with us.

  • Witness the Artisans at Work

    Visit our weaving center and showroom, where you can observe our skilled artisans in action. Explore our unique, handmade products created with passion and expertise.

  • Hands-On Weaving Workshop

    Engage in a hands-on workshop and learn the ancient craft of handloom weaving. Create your own unique product to take home as a treasured souvenir.

  • Indulge in Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

    Savor a delicious traditional Sri Lankan lunch made with locally sourced ingredients. Experience the flavors of Sri Lanka while supporting sustainable and responsible food practices.

  • Immerse Yourselfin Cultural Heritage

    Discover the beauty and authenticity of handloom weaving, an integral part of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage. Gain insights into the traditions, techniques, and stories behind each handcrafted piece.

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Why Choose Selyn's Fair Trade Experience?

Empowering Communities

Meet and interact with our skilled artisans, learning about their lives and experiences.

Support fair wages and working conditions that uplift our artisans and their families.


Social and Economic Impact

Learn about the social and economic benefits of fair trade

Your support directly contributes to the betterment of our community.


Cultural Preservation

Help preserve traditional handloom weaving techniques and promote cultural heritage.

Embrace the rich history and craftsmanship of Sri Lanka's


Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly tourism experience.

Contribute to responsible travel practices and reduce environmental impact.

How We Support Fair Trade

Transparent Supply Chain

We are transparent about our supply chain, promoting accountability and trust.

Experience firsthand the transparency and traceability of our fair trade practices.


Fair Wages and Working Conditions

Your tour booking helps us provide fair wages and working conditions for our artisans.

Empower local communities and create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.


Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

By supporting fair trade, you promote gender equality and empower female artisans.

Create a positive impact on women's lives and their role in the workforce.


Environmental Sustainability

Support sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact.

Embrace eco-friendly initiatives in every aspect of our fair trade experience.


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