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Our Fight Against Covid19

Selyn is proud to announce this new timely initiative to help win our fight against Covid19. The #PeoplesMask is an effort to ease the pressure on the demand for surgical masks, which are supposed to be reserved for medical professionals. It also demonstrates what Fair Trade is all about – the #PeoplesMask enables us to support over 1000 artisans and beyond in Sri Lanka during this difficult time. This is part of a global initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Asia and Fair Trade Enterprises in the region that aims to help end COVID-19.
The #PeoplesMask comes in two types and is washable and reusable. It provides you with the protection required to keep the virus at bay (provided all other safety measures are taken). As a product, the #PeoplesMask is designed for non-medical front-liners – the grocery store workers, public transport drivers, government workers, social workers, community development workers, essential private-sector workers, peace and order personnel, trash collectors, food workers, farmers, and artisans. The #PeoplesMask is also intended to serve and protect the health of people coming from the marginalized sectors of society.

The #PeoplesMask (Type 1) is produced based on the HK Mask Design, a laboratory-tested system using fabric masks and filters coupled with proper washing and sanitation. It is a reusable cloth mask with a disposable middle layer filter with filtration efficiency close to that of an N70 mask.

The #PeoplesMask (Type 2) is a reusable fabric face mask based on the flat fold barrier mask design (following the AFNOR SPEC S76-001). The fabric face covering is adjustable to fit any face and the elastic strap is designed to ensure that the mask is held in place around the head to avoid excessive touching of the face while wearing it.

All masks are washable and reusable. This product is NOT A MEDICAL PRODUCT. It for the personal protection of individuals. Please read the instructions carefully and follow all safety other safety precautions to avoid contracting the covid19 virus.

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    • This is not a medical product.
    • Wearing this fabric mask will not prevent the contraction of the covid19 virus unless all instructions are carefully followed and all other safety measures are taken.
    • Returns and exchanges are not accepted due to safety and hygiene reasons.
    • Your order is packed in a sealed poly-pack with safety and usage information enclosed. We do not endorse the use of one time use plastic packaging however we are compelled to do so in this instance to comply with hygiene and safety standards.